July Sway speaker: Interview with Sian Meades

Written by Katie on Monday, July 20th, 2009

SianCreator of Domestic Sluttery and freelance writer Sian Meades tells us a bit more about how she got into online publishing, what she enjoys about it, and what she hopes to achieve.

Your websites:

I created Domestic Sluttery four months ago. I’ve also got a personal blog – www.sianyland.com

What other websites/blogs/magazines do you write for?

I co-edit Dollymix, and write features for WalletPop. I also write for The Hospital Club, Sofeminine and Prime Location. Sometimes I pop up on Hecklerspray too.

How did you get into online publishing?

I started writing for Londonist after University. Rob Hinchcliffe gave me my first paid gig at Yahoo and then I realised that I could make money from writing. I left my job in advertising sales four months later. I’ve been freelance for a year and a half now.

What’s the best bit about what you do?

Writing about stuff I enjoy. I have great clients so my day is always fun. I love that when you’re writing online, you can start a debate and join in a conversation. You get to know your readers. Publishing a post you know people will love is always great fun. You get an immediate reaction and I’ll never get bored of that. Plus, I tend to read morning emails in bed with a cup of tea which is pretty cool.

What’s the worst bit about what you do?

The tax return fills me with dread. Next question?

How did you come up with the idea for Domestic Sluttery?

I wish I knew! It’s a mix of several ideas, and the idea of wanting things to look great, but being too busy to really do anything is something I live by. But the site itself was an accident. A very happy accident though. The name was a working title, but after working on it for three months, it kinda stuck. It’s all fitted into place really well.

How did you get people on board? Are your writers/contributors paid?

I knew most of the people already. Jane and I have worked on previous projects together, Robyn guest edited Dollymix around the time we were really getting into it. She designed it and I think her design has a huge amount to do with its success. Gemma had been involved behind the scenes from the start. The others got involved as we went along. Sometimes, like with Sel and Alex I asked them to write as I thought they’d suit the style of the site, but Sharon, Abi and Christina all offered their services and I’m so pleased they did. I’m really lucky to have such a great team.

The site isn’t making enough money to pay anyone yet, but we’re only four months old! We’re doing really well for such a young site. I’ve always told the girls that as soon as I’m making money, they will as well. In the meantime, they get really good freebies. Working for cupcakes and ice cream isn’t so bad.

Tell us a bit more about your recent London Shopping Event.

It was on Thursday 2nd July at Something on Lambs Conduit Street. It was an idea that popped into my head late one night and before I knew it everyone had got really excited. It went really well, the shop actually had to open up early because so many people were outside! It was lovely to meet so many kind readers. Everyone had a great time and spent lots of money, and our traffic on the site is increasing even more so it’s good to see that the hard work is paying off! We’re already planning the next event, but this one is on a much grander scale!

More here

What else do you enjoy doing?

I’ve just launched my own Etsy shop! I’ve been making jewellery for the last few months and the shop finally went live today! People are already buying so I’m really excited. Making pretty things is always fun. I’m also working on the 2nd draft of my novel. But I keep going out and having fun instead. It’s sunny now. Would much rather be playing outside.

What do you most want to achieve?

Difficult question! I’m only 26, and I’ve only been freelancing for a little while. If Domestic Sluttery was successful and everyone involved could make a decent wage from it, I’d be really thrilled.

Or course, our own TV show, a line of interior accessories and a book deal would be great as well, but I’m just taking each day as it comes. We’re doing really well, hits are increasing each week and people really like the site. I’m happy.


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